For the Soul

The Light You Seek

Karina, Jill, Courtney, Laura and I were pregnant together in 2016. Our six children (Laura had twins) were born within four months of each other. I’m not sure I’ve ever consciously appreciated how truly special it was for the five of us to share that time together — along with all of our good, bad and ugly parallels since giving birth — until I sat down to write about Zolan. Continue reading The Light You Seek

French Food For Thought

I ate up every word of Bringing Up Bébé while pregnant. I was certain that executing each and every French-honed parenting technique in the book was going to make me a rockstar American mom. However, after nearly two years of actual motherhood, I later listened to French Children Don’t Throw Food on Audible with a bit of a suppressed appetite. (All puns detected above intended.) I do empathize with the critical American and British responses to Druckerman’s controversial books, but I was still able to discern helpful take-aways based on her perceptions of French parenting methods. Here were mine… Continue reading French Food For Thought

Before I Became a Parent

I thought I loved my godson and nieces and nephews unconditionally. I brazenly declared that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for them and I do still believe that. However, if I’m truly honest with myself, I recognize that there could be limitations in the lengths I would legitimately go for them. The unconditional love for children who aren’t one’s own is not tested everyday with an endless stream of obligations, sacrifices and disappointments — the conditions that can ultimately prove and disprove bona fide unconditional love. Continue reading Before I Became a Parent